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Absolute Agency Dating Service
    FEBRUARY 2004
  • Website launched and publicised to public according to schedule without any problems.

    JANUARY 1, 2004
  • Monetary crisis did not stop us from inoculating more capital into our business. Latest investment involving a 5 fold inoculation for wood industry investment in laminating board and wood distribution as listed below:

1. Bengkirai
2. Nyatoh
3. Merbau
4. Meranti Merah
5. Meranti Putih
6. Malapoga
7. Malapi

With the investment, we hope to achieve bigger market and creating a more healthy and competitive environment.

* wood name may differs from district.

    DECEMBER 13, 2003
  • Information gathered and edited for online publication scheduled for the month of January / February 2004.

    JUNE 23, 2003
  • New building planned and built as part of Cv. Sehat Mandiri Timber factory expansion. Construction progressed smoothly even with heavy shower rain in the afternoon.

Cv Sehat Mandiri Timber New Building

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